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ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat
ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat

ELECTRA - pheasant feather hat

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Electra is the perfect cocktail hat to wear with a little black dress. It has a teardrop shaped felt base that gives the hat a slightly vintage feel, whilst also making it elegant and easy to wear.  Electra is trimmed with two golden pheasant feathers.  

I love the strong lines and striking silhouette in this design. Perfect for a winter wedding, a night out in the city at a fancy bar or a dinner party with friends.

This hat is handmade in London by me, Claire. I steamed and shaped the buckram and felt around a hat block that I made myself. A hat block is the shape that milliners and hatters use to mold their materials - a bit like a shoe maker’s last.

This chic design was inspired by a hat I made for a film set in the 1940s (sadly never used!) and I wanted the impact of the hat to be all about the beautiful feathers.  



★ black wool felt ★ golden pheasant feathers sourced from an ethical UK supplier (The Feather Factory, part of Jaffe Feathers) ★ swiss dot 100% cotton lining ★ internal wire edging ★ buckram interlining for hat sturdiness ★ size adjustable dark brown elastic ★ clear plastic comb ★  black millinery petersham (70% rayon, 30% viscose) ★ 



This piece comes in one size that fits all head sizes.

The Electra hat fits snugly on your head, but not around the circumference of your head (like a baseball cap would). This means it can fit all head sizes.

I have fitted the hat with a dark brown elastic. This elastic is designed to go around the back of your head, and sit behind your ears and at the nape of your neck. The elastic is adjustable, if you need it to be tighter then pull it further through the thread loop and tie another knot further down the elastic.

There is also a comb which is there to slide in from the back towards the front of your hair.

I have designed this hat to be worn on the right hand side of your head. Position the base forward over your hairline, it should sit a little above your eyebrow. I think it looks best when the feathers are positioned at a more vertical angle rather than horizontal. But have fun! Play around and experiment to see where you like it best.



The Electra teardrop base measures approximately 18 cm (side to side) x 15.5 cm (front to back) when holding a tape measure straight across the inside of the base. It weighs about 50 grams.



Currently I sell and ship to the UK only. This piece has free UK shipping! 

Your hat will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery, and you should receive your product within 1 - 3 days of placing your order. 

You will need to sign for your delivery, unless Royal Mail have changed this due to their Covid guidelines. You will receive an email from me with your tracking number as soon as I have taken it to the post office.

For more in depth information on my shipping policy click 'Delivery Info' at the bottom of every website page.

Your hat will be delivered in a sturdy white box which measures 35 cm x 24 cm x 17 cm (a bit bigger than a standard size shoe box). It is also a great box for storing your hat!  And please hang onto your packaging, as all returns need to be sent back in their original packaging.



Please try and stay out of the rain in this hat. It can cope with a light sprinkle but not a downpour. If you use an umbrella then that will be fine.

If your hat does get wet, then let it dry naturally at room temperature. Don't use a hairdryer or put it next to a radiator as the heat may warp the felt. Gently support the base on something like a rolled up jumper and leave it to dry without touching it. Generally this should take about 6 - 12 hours. If you have any problems then please do get in touch through the website contact page.

Your hat should need very minimal cleaning.  If it does need a light brush then very gently use a smooth clean cloth, or a soft clothes brush. Gently brush the felt in one direction only, following around the shape of the hat (e.g. in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, around the shape).

Your hat only needs this if it is dusty.  Store it in the box and it will be fine.



Although my creations are accurately represented in these photos, colours may vary due to the differences in screen displays. Also, due to the handmade nature of this product, and the natural feathers, small differences will occur.